Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pat is Back!

Hello there. So, under the assumption that someone reads this, I'll update it.

Yesterday Pat came back to Reno and we jammed for a few hours. It sure was fun. We're rehearsing on tuesday and we'll continue work on our new demos, hopefully getting some more drum tracks finished. Also, this Sunday we'll be playing with Voted Best Band at the Zephyr. Should be a blast.

While Pat is here in Reno before his adventure in South America we're planning on playing as many shows as possible, which could be anywhere between none and a bunch. Pat and I are also planning on writing the last five or six songs for the new record so that we can demo them and have drums and bass finished before he leaves, totaling 20 or 21 new songs!

Muffstache should be off to press before next week.

That's about it. Look out for the new artwork in the next week or so.

- Chris

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Video of Vampirates!

There's a bunch of new/old footage we've found up on our You Tube page, so go check it all out. Especially the stuff from Evo's in Ashland, god damn that show was amazing. Seriously, an all star crowd. And what happened to the girl who was super gnarly in the pit that whole night?? I believe her name was Kate...

Anyway, check that shit out @

- Chris

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Welcome to our Blog...

Dave and I were talking the other day, and we decided it'd be cool to start updating people on our progress and things more regularly. This means that we'll both be writing on here often, and also, we hope to start vlogging soon too. So watch out for updates. Hopefully we'll be able to get Pat and Chris on here in the future.

So... not much to say at the moment, Pat is MIA in Northern California, which is preventing us from playing any shows for awhile. That doesn't mean we're not doing anything, though. Dave, Chris and I have been working on getting some drum tracks done for the new demos. We've played through about eight of the fifteen new songs, with four or five drum tracks done. Hopefully Pat will return soon.

As far as Muffstache goes, we're still waiting on some art from Justin to send it off for press. We do, however, have a new cover that was done by Garrett at Pirate Tattoo here in Reno that looks awesome. We'll be posting that art as soon as we get an official release date.

So... keep a look out for regular updates on here from (hopefully) everyone in the band.

See you around.

- Chris F.