Monday, February 13, 2012

Hey everyone! Here it is, our current list of confirmed shows and plans for our 2012 North American Tour. If a city doesn't have a venue, then we probably need help in that area. Send an email to if you can help fill in the gaps. If you'd like to donate, we've started a kickstarter project, so check that out! Thanks, and we will see you all soon!

4/26/12 - Sparks NV - The Alley - The Backup Razor

4/27/12 - Chico CA - The Backup Razor

4/28/12 - San Francisco Bay CA - The Backup Razor

4/29/12 - Sacramento CA - Javalounge

4/30/12 - Oakland CA - The Backup Razor

5/1/12 - San Jose CA - Johnny V's - The Backup Razor, Trashkannon

5/2/12 - Santa Cruz CA - Blue Lagoon - The Backup Razor, Dun Bin Had, Can Toker

5/3/12 - Los Angeles CA - Media Blitz, The Backup Razor

5/4/12 - Escondido CA - Metaphor Cafe - The Backup Razor, Save The Swim Team

5/5/12 - Las Vegas NV - Double Down Saloon - The Backup Razor

5/6/12 - Flagstaff AZ

5/7/12 - Tucson AZ

5/8/12 - El Paso TX

5/9/12 - Albuquerque NM

5/10/12 - Lubbock TX - Prairie Fire Theater

5/11/12 - Denton TX

5/12/12 - San Antonio TX - Zombies

5/13/12 - Austin TX

5/14/12 - Houston TX

5/15/12 - New Orleans LA - Siberia - Pallbearers

5/16/12 - Mobile AL - Alabamsterdam - Slowpoke Rodriguez

5/17/12 - Pensacola FL - Handlebar - Slowpoke Rodriguez

5/18/12 - Tuscaloosa AL

5/19/12 - Atlanta GA

5/20/12 - Tallahassee FL - Slowpoke Rodriguez

5/21/12 - Gainesville FL - Benedict Arnold

5/22/12 - Orlando FL - Benedict Arnold

5/23/12 - Tampa FL - Benedict Arnold

5/24/12 - Miami FL - Churchill's Pub - Benedict Arnold

5/25/12 - Lake Worth FL - Propaganda - Benedict Arnold

5/26/12 - Melbourne FL - On The Rocks - Benedict Arnold

5/27/12 - St Augustine FL - Benedict Arnold

5/28/12 - Jacksonville FL - Phoenix Taproom - Benedict Arnold, Shattermat, Poor Richards

5/29/12 - Savannah GA - No Control - Indian Giver

5/30/12 - Asheville NC

5/31/12 - Asheville NC

6/1/12 - Knoxville TN

6/2/12 - Chattanooga TN - The Classless, Dildo Fight

6/3/12 - Nashville TN - The Classless, Ispeakfluentwoman

6/4/12 - Memphis TN - Murphy's - The Classless, Ispeakfluentwoman, To Serve Man

6/5/12 - Louisville KY - 3rd St Dive - The Classless, Ispeakfluentwoman, Crossbones Inc.

6/6/12 - Indianapolis IN - A House - The Classless, Ispeakfluentwoman

6/7/12 - Kent OH - The Classless, Ispeakfluentwoman, KGB

6/8/12 - Pittsburgh PA - The Classless, KGB

6/9/12 - Baltimore MD - The Classless

6/10/12 - Philiadelphia PA - The Classless

6/11/12 - Montclair NJ

6/12/12 - New York NY

6/13/12 - Boston MA

6/14/12 - Portland ME - Geno's - Thee Icepicks

6/15/12 - Quebec QC

6/16/12 - Montreal QC

6/17/12 - Toronto ON

6/18/12 - Buffalo NY

6/19/12 - Cleveland OH - KGB

6/20/12 - Detroit MI - KGB

6/21/12 - Chicago IL

6/22/12 - Chicago IL

6/23/12 - Madison WI

6/24/12 - Fond du Lac WI

6/25/12 - Minneapolis MN

6/26/12 - Des Moines IA

6/27/12 - Omaha NB

6/28/12 - Denver CO

6/29/12 - Denver CO

6/30/12 - Salt Lake City UT

7/1/12 - Pocatello ID

7/2/12 - Boise ID

7/3/12 - Bend OR

7/4/12 - Portland OR

7/5/12 - Seattle WA

7/6/12 - Vancouver BC

7/7/12 - Portland OR

7/8/12 - Salem OR - The Backup Razor

7/9/12 - Redding CA - The Backup Razor

7/10/12 - Oakland CA - The Backup Razor

7/11/12 - Santa Cruz CA - The Backup Razor

7/12/12 - Los Angeles CA - The Backup Razor

7/13/12 - San Diego CA - The Backup Razor

7/14/12 - San Diego CA - The Backup Razor

7/15/12 - Las Vegas NV - The Backup Razor

7/16/12 - Reno NV

Visit for current information.

- chris

Monday, September 27, 2010 updated!

Vampirates started in early 2003 with original members Pat Mayfield (bass), Chris Fox (guitar), Eddie Condon (vocals), and Geoff Huber (drums). From the begining we have been very ambitious towards creating the music we love. Staying true to our DIY roots, we played our first show in Pat's dorm room, and continued to play as much as possible over the next few months. Roughly five months after we started, we recorded "Shitpanzimps" with A2K as engineer at our practice studio, which also doubled as a Tofu Factory during normal business hours.

Shortly thereafter, we took a break for summer. During that break Eddie decided that punk rock wasn't for him (or something...), so we enlisted Dave Masud (of Reno, Nevada's Painting Gala/Twice) to take over the vocal duties. This line-up lasted for two shows, until Geoff left the band to move to Eugene where he currently resides and rides his bike.

In 2004 Eddie decided that punk rock was again right for him, and became our singer once more. Dave, being the multi-talented bad-ass that he is, took over the drumming duties, and this line-up lasted for one and a half shows (Chris Tufino played half of a set...).

Dave was busy with Twice and school, so we enlisted Chris Tufino (of Reno's Twelve Gauge Facelift) as our full-time drummer. Our one year anniversary show in Yreka, California, was one of three shows we played with this line-up. Then, Eddie again decided that he needed to pursue something else. In turn, Dave rejoined Vampirates as vocalist.

In the Summer of 2004, the Ashland half (Chris/Pat) moved to Reno so we could write and function as a normal band. What resulted was the self-recorded "Summer Ale EP" and a handful of shows around the area. After summer, Pat and Chris moved back to Ashland for schooling, and we played as many shows as possible throughout the school year.

In Summer of 2005 Pat and Chris moved back to Reno to write a new record, "Muffstache," which finally was demoed and released in 2007.

During 2006, the band remained half in Reno, and half in Ashland. The last of a few original line-up reunion shows in Ashland was recorded and released as our first live record titled "Oh Anal! Live at the LFAG." This was a limited split release with two Vampirates side projects, Edepit and Butthak.

In the spring of 2007, we embarked on the Punish Your Body Tour with Reno's Painting Gala, covering Oregon, Northern Nevada, and Northern California.

In the summer/fall of 2007, we began to write some new material for a new full-length. We also with many great bands including the Adolescents and the Duane Peters Gunfight.

On July 6th, 2008, we entered Pus Cavern Studios in Sacramento record "Muffstache" with engineer Joe Johnston (Deftones, Cake, Cobra Skulls). The CD was officially released on December 13, 2008.

In 2008, we played shows with notable bands such as the Circle Jerks, the Murder Junkies, and Larry And His Flask.

In May of 2009, we embarked on the Punish Your Buick Tour, covering the Southern US. Busy with school and work, Chris Tufino was not able to tour, so Dave filled in on drums. Throughout the rest of the year, we played regionally with noteworthy bands like the Murder Junkies, Static Thought, MDC, Citizen Fish, and Star Fucking Hipsters. Demoing for a new record continued, as well, resulting in the "Here Ya Go EP" (limited to 50 copies) which featured two new songs and four live songs.

In spring/summer of 2010, we ventured out on a four-month US Tour spanning eighteen states, totaling seventy-eight shows. Chris Tufino was again busy with school and work, so, as a result, Dave played drums for the majority of the tour. In mid-june we recorded in Asheville, NC in a basement for a very limited (6 copies) tape-only release titled "2010 Tape," our only release featuring Dave on drums.

In 2010, we have played with famed bands such as Against Me!, Grabass Charlestons, Death By Stereo, Shat, and Static Thought.

For the remainder of 2010, we plan to continue work on new material, and play shows regionally. New releases coming up include the Corruption Of American Youth Volume 2 (Crash Assailant Records), a couple of split releases, and a new full-length.

For 2011, we plan to enter the studio, release a new full-length record, and tour in the spring/summer, again covering the entire US.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

US TOUR 2010

We're going on tour next year, and here's our plans for where and when we'll be there. Get stoked, America!

3/26/2010 Friday Seattle WA
3/27/2010 Saturday Portland OR
3/28/2010 Sunday Bend OR
3/29/2010 Monday Eugene OR
3/30/2010 Tuesday Ashland OR
3/31/2010 Wednesday Redding CA
4/1/2010 Thursday Reno NV
4/2/2010 Friday Sacramento CA
4/3/2010 Saturday San Francisco CA
4/4/2010 Sunday East Bay CA
4/5/2010 Monday Santa Cruz CA
4/6/2010 Tuesday Santa Barbara CA
4/7/2010 Wednesday LA Area CA
4/8/2010 Thursday LA Area CA
4/9/2010 Friday LA Area CA
4/10/2010 Saturday Las Vegas NV
4/11/2010 Sunday Las Vegas NV
4/12/2010 Monday Flagstaff AZ
4/13/2010 Tuesday Phoenix AZ
4/14/2010 Wednesday Tuscon AZ
4/15/2010 Thursday El Paso TX
4/16/2010 Friday Roswell NM
4/17/2010 Saturday Amarillo TX
4/18/2010 Sunday Oklahoma City OK
4/19/2010 Monday Dallas TX
4/20/2010 Tuesday Austin TX
4/21/2010 Wednesday Austin TX
4/22/2010 Thursday Houston TX
4/23/2010 Friday New Orleans LA
4/24/2010 Saturday Pensacola FL
4/25/2010 Sunday Tallahassee FL
4/26/2010 Monday Gainesville FL
4/27/2010 Tuesday Jacksonville FL
4/28/2010 Wednesday Savannah GA
4/29/2010 Thursday Charleston SC
4/30/2010 Friday Atlanta GA
5/1/2010 Saturday Montgomery AL
5/2/2010 Sunday Birmingham AL
5/3/2010 Monday Memphis TN
5/4/2010 Tuesday Nashville TN
5/5/2010 Wednesday Chattanooga TN
5/6/2010 Thursday Knoxville TN
5/7/2010 Friday Charlotte NC
5/8/2010 Saturday Raleigh NC
5/9/2010 Sunday Raleigh NC
5/10/2010 Monday Richmond VA
5/11/2010 Tuesday Washington DC DC
5/12/2010 Wednesday Baltimore MD
5/13/2010 Thursday Atlantic City NJ
5/14/2010 Friday NYC Area NY
5/15/2010 Saturday NYC Area NY
5/16/2010 Sunday NYC Area NY
5/17/2010 Monday Providence RI
5/18/2010 Tuesday Boston MA
5/19/2010 Wednesday Portland ME
5/20/2010 Thursday Hartford CT
5/21/2010 Friday Albany NY
5/22/2010 Saturday Syracuse NY
5/23/2010 Sunday Rochester NY
5/24/2010 Monday Buffalo NY
5/25/2010 Tuesday Cleveland OH
5/26/2010 Wednesday Cincinnati OH
5/27/2010 Thursday Louisville KY
5/28/2010 Friday Indianapolis IN
5/29/2010 Saturday Chicago IL
5/30/2010 Sunday Milwaukee WI
5/31/2010 Monday Minneapolis MN
6/1/2010 Tuesday Des Moines IA
6/2/2010 Wednesday Kansas City MO
6/3/2010 Thursday St. Louis MO
6/4/2010 Friday Nashville TN
6/5/2010 Saturday Chattanooga TN
6/6/2010 Sunday Atlanta GA
6/7/2010 Monday Birmingham AL
6/8/2010 Tuesday Montgomery AL
6/9/2010 Wednesday Tallahassee FL
6/10/2010 Thursday Gainesville FL
6/11/2010 Friday Jacksonville FL
6/12/2010 Saturday Savannah GA
6/13/2010 Sunday Charleston SC
6/14/2010 Monday Charlotte NC
6/15/2010 Tuesday Raleigh NC
6/16/2010 Wednesday Raleigh NC
6/17/2010 Thursday Richmond VA
6/18/2010 Friday Washington DC DC
6/19/2010 Saturday Baltimore MD
6/20/2010 Sunday Atlantic City NJ
6/21/2010 Monday NYC Area NY
6/22/2010 Tuesday NYC Area NY
6/23/2010 Wednesday NYC Area NY
6/24/2010 Thursday New Haven CT
6/25/2010 Friday Boston MA
6/26/2010 Saturday Portland ME
6/27/2010 Sunday Hartford CT
6/28/2010 Monday Albany NY
6/29/2010 Tuesday Syracuse NY
6/30/2010 Wednesday Rochester NY
7/1/2010 Thursday Buffalo NY
7/2/2010 Friday Cleveland OH
7/3/2010 Saturday Cincinatti OH
7/4/2010 Sunday Lexington KY
7/5/2010 Monday Indianapolis IN
7/6/2010 Tuesday Chicago IL
7/7/2010 Wednesday Milwaukee WI
7/8/2010 Thursday Minneapolis MN
7/9/2010 Friday Des Moines IA
7/10/2010 Saturday Omaha NE
7/11/2010 Sunday Lincoln NE
7/12/2010 Monday Denver CO
7/13/2010 Tuesday Colorado Springs CO
7/14/2010 Wednesday Pueblo CO
7/15/2010 Thursday Santa Fe NM
7/16/2010 Friday Albuquerque NM
7/17/2010 Saturday El Paso TX
7/18/2010 Sunday Tuscon AZ
7/19/2010 Monday Phoenix AZ
7/20/2010 Tuesday San Diego CA
7/21/2010 Wednesday LA Area CA
7/22/2010 Thursday LA Area CA
7/23/2010 Friday LA Area CA
7/24/2010 Saturday Santa Barbara CA
7/25/2010 Sunday Bakersfield CA
7/26/2010 Monday Fresno CA
7/27/2010 Tuesday Santa Cruz CA
7/28/2010 Wednesday San Francisco CA
7/29/2010 Thursday East Bay CA
7/30/2010 Friday Santa Rosa CA
7/31/2010 Saturday Sacramento CA
8/1/2010 Sunday Reno NV

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vampirates Announce "Here Ya Go" EP out NOVEMBER 4th!

10/29/09 - It's been awhile since the last update, sorry about that... Currently Dave and Chris T. are in Reno, I live in Ashland, and who knows where Pat is? However, we've got some shows and a new limited release coming out on November 4th! Yep, "Here Ya Go" is a six song EP that has two brand new songs (titled "Common Ground" and "You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To You Fucking Idiot") and four live tracks including the previously unreleased fast version of "Kegstand." It's limited only to 50 copies so come get 'em at the Citizen Fish/Star Fucking Hipsters show at Vixen's in Sparks, Nv. on Nov. 4th! Oh, and they'll be FREE. In show news, we're planning a trip to the bay and Santa Cruz sometime early winter, details tba. We're still working on the new songs, I'd expect the full-length to be out by summer 2010. Anyway, see you at the shows. - chris

November 4
906 Victorian Ave.
Sparks, Nv.
$10 7PM

Citizen Fish (members of Subhumans)
Star Fucking Hipsters (members of Leftover Crack and the Slackers)
Molotov Compromise

November 12
906 Victorian Ave.
Sparks, Nv.
$5 8PM

The No No's

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


November 4
906 Victorian Ave.
Sparks, Nv.
$10 7PM

Citizen Fish (members of Subhumans)
Star Fucking Hipsters (members of Leftover Crack and the Slackers)
Molotov Compromise

November 12
906 Victorian Ave.
Sparks, Nv.
$5 8PM

The No No's (

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Punish Your Buick Tour Info Updated 5/3/09

5/8/09 - Chattanooga, TN

Ziggy's Hideaway

w/ Milquelizard, Stoneline, Whores For War

5/9/09 - Nashville, TN

Loudhouse Coffee

w/ Milquelizard, Vortices

5/10/09 - Memphis, TN


w/ The Adversary, Vortices

5/11/09 - New Orleans, LA

Saturn Bar

w/ The Krunchies, Die Rotzz

5/12/09 - Houston, TX

The Jet Lounge

5/13/09 - Austin, TX

The Parlor

w/ Head Panic

5/14/09 - El Paso, TX

No Man's Land

w/ Wake Up In Panic

5/15/09 - Albuquerque, NM

Amped Performance Center

w/ 80 Proof Piss, The Bedlam State

5/16/09 - Santa Fe, NM

Reality @ St. John's College (day show 1pm)

5/16/09 - Flagstaff, AZ

Stab Mountain

w/ Lenguas Largas, Turpentine Brothers

5/17/09 - Las Vegas, NV

Double Down Saloon

w/ The Backup Razor, Android Hero, Steel Tigers Of Death

5/18/09 - Reno, NV

Zephyr Lounge


5/19/09 - South Lake Tahoe, CA


5/20/09 - North Lake Tahoe, CA


5/21/09 - Carson City, NV

Four Pints

5/22/09 - Fallon, NV


5/23/09 - Reno, NV

Zephyr Lunge

w/ Painting Gala

5/24/09 - Sparks, NV


w/ Hella Badass

5/29/09 - Reno, NV


5/30/09 - Ashland, OR


5/31/09 - Portland, OR

The Crypt

w/ Larry And His Flask, Old Habits Die Hard

6/1/09 - Redding, CA

Downtown Eatery

w/ The Deadheads, Newscents

6/18/09 - Reno, Nv


w/ Static Thought

6/19/09 - South Lake Tahoe, Ca

Whiskey Dicks

w/ Static Thought, The Backup Razor

6/20/09 - Chico, Ca


w/ Static Thought

6/21/09 - Sacramento, Ca


w/ Static Thought

6/26/09 - Reno, Nv


6/27/09 - Sacramento, Ca


6/28/09 - Santa Cruz, Ca


6/29/09 - SF Bay Area, Ca


Many more details soon. See you on the road!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vampirates Punish Your Buick Tour Updates (updated 4/7/09)

5/8/2009 9pm
Chattanooga, TN
Ziggy's Hideaway
w/ Milquelizard, Stoneline, Whores For War
21+ $6

5/9/2009 7pm
Nashville (Greenbrier), TN
Loudhouse Coffee
w/Milquelizard, Vortices

5/10/2009 9pm
Memphis, TN
w/ The Aversary
21+ $5

New Orleans, LA
Saturn Bar
w/ The Krunchies

Houston, TX
The Jet Lounge

Austin, TX

5/14/2009 8pm
El Paso, TX
No Man's Land
w/ Wake Up In Panic

Albuquerque, NM

5/16/2009 1pm
Santa Fe, NM
Reality @ St. John's College

Flagstaff, AZ
Stab Mountain

Las Vegas, NV
Double Down Saloon
w/ the Backup Razor
21+ FREE

5/18/2009 9pm
Reno, NV
Zephyr Lounge
21+ $10

South Lake Tahoe, CA

North Lake Tahoe, CA

5/21/2009 8pm
Carson City, NV
Four Pints

Fallon, NV

Reno, NV

5/24/2009 9pm
Sparks, NV
w/ Luck Won't Save You
21+ $5

Reno, NV

Ashland, OR

Portland, OR
The Crypt
w/ Larry And His Flask, Old Habits Die Hard
ALL AGES $donations

Chico, CA

Reno, NV

Sacramento, CA

Santa Cruz, CA

SF Bay Area, CA

Come see the rock!